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971 East Turkeyfoot Lake Road Green, OH 44312
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Like most real estate offices, many of our Realtors and staff have worked at other real estate companies and offices. Soon after they arrive however, they invariably say “This is the best office I’ve ever worked in.” The staff and Realtors have a “what do you need, can-do” attitude.  We constantly get great feedback from our Realtors, co-brokes and clients.

We are the Market Leader in Southern Summit County and Northern Stark County. Many of our Realtors rank in the top 9% of all the Realtors in Ohio yet they are willing to help a new Realtor and each other! As a result the office provides a very supportive atmosphere! We are led by an experienced Realtor who is always available to mentor and coach you to take your business to the next level!  

We also have fun. One 15+ year Top Producing Realtor who recently joined the office remarked “I’ve never been in an office that eats as much as this one!” We believe in celebrating success both the individual’s and the office. We do potluck, go to a nearby Mexican Restaurant and have fun! We also recognize the sacrifices of spouses and significant others with a summer picnic, wonderful Christmas party, and support throughout the year. The Green Office also gives back to the industry and the community. Raising money for RPAC, working at the Food Bank, collecting books, participating in a parade or helping families during the Holidays, it’s what the Green Office does.

Whether you’re new to real estate or an experienced Realtor, start at the Top, join the Cutler Real Estate Green office!

The Best Just Keeps Getting Better.

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Tricia Reed

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